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Lego Batman 70917 Ultimate Batmobile

The Bat-Signal’s light brick is illuminated so team up with Batman™, Robin™, Batgirl™ and Alfred Pennyworth™ (in Batsuit) to save the day! Drive The Ultimate Batmobile into battle against the Wicked Witch of the West and the Flying Monkeys, and ambush the enemy by splitting it into 4 awesome vehicles: t...more

Lego Jurassic World 75930 Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate

Caught red-handed. Find a safe hiding place in the estate and keep your calm as the deadly Indoraptor smashes through the windows. Wait for help from Owen, Claire and Blue and use whatever you can find to battle the rampaging dinosaur.

Rescue Maisie from the rampaging Indoraptor in t...more

Lego Nexo Knights 70357 Knighton Castle

The enemy army is attacking, so prepare the castle for battle. Fire the stud shooters and open the gate to send out Robin’s vehicle - even holographic Merlok 2.0 can join in the action thanks to Robin’s Mechlok mech suit. Help the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS heroes stock up on weapons from the armoury and send them on to the battl...more

Lego Star Wars 75212 Kessel Run Milennium Falcon

Travel with Han Solo, Chewbacca and their friends with the LEGO® Star Wars Kessel Run Millennium Falcon. This LEGO brick version of the iconic Corellian freighter from the Han Solo movie features a 2-minifigure cockpit with detachable canopy, 2 spring-loaded shooters, sensor dish, ramp, rotating top and bottom laser turrets wit...more

Maxi Micro Scooter Deluxe - Purple

Micro are the inventors of the three wheeled scooter with the intuitive ‘lean and steer’ scooting style. Our experience and knowledge is second to none. In addition to the award winning features of a classic Maxi Micro the NEW Maxi Micro Deluxe version;

- Has a new weight limit of ...more

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